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Invisalign® Case Study: More than Just a Pretty Smile

Posted on January 29th, 2018

At Veranda Dentistry, we want all of our patients to have the healthiest, most beautiful smiles possible. That’s why we love being able to straighten teeth quickly and discreetly with Invisalign! Many folks think Invisalign is purely a cosmetic treatment, but what you may not know is it can also help minimize bone loss and provide healthier gums, too!

Case Study

This case study involves an actual patient of ours at Veranda Dentistry, documenting her Invisalign treatment from start to finish. This patient is in her 60’s and our primary concern for treatment was not cosmetic, but rather leveling her bite to create a healthier smile. Left untreated, she would have experienced tooth and bone loss and would have had difficulty replacing those teeth once they went missing.

Thankfully—with only six months of Invisalign treatment!—we were able to level out her teeth and bite into a healthier position to prevent tooth and bone loss down the road. She now has a much easier time cleaning her teeth, as well as healthier gums, and a beautifully straight smile—and a newfound sense of confidence to boot! There were a few finishing touches we could have perfected for her, but she was ready to be done with treatment, so she got her wish—a straighter, healthier smile that will help her enjoy her best years yet!

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If you’re interested in learning more about how Invisalign can help not only with cosmetic cases but with minimizing tooth and bone loss and creating healthier gums, we would love to speak with you. Contact your Pleasant Hill dentist at Veranda Dentistry today to schedule a consultation!